Our people are our greatest assets, and they are critical to our business success.

At Dubai Holding, we strongly believe in building an engaged and diverse workforce, supported by an inclusive workplace where everyone feels cared for and can thrive in.

Diversity and Inclusion

To demonstrate its commitment to gender equity, Dubai Holding signed the voluntary Pledge to Accelerate Gender Balance in the UAE Private Sector in 2022. This pledge affirms companies’ commitment to increase number of women in middle and senior managerial roles in the UAE to 30% by 2025 in support of SDG target 5.5. Dubai Holding has now achieved a 31% workforce represented by women.

To support this objective, Dubai Holding established a Gender Equity and Inclusion (GEI) Framework to foster a more gender-balanced work environment as well as inclusive culture and policies across the Group. This is supported through a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Council made up of senior level female and male employees from across the Group.

The GEI Framework consists of three pillars: Accelerate Impact and Reach.Below are a few examples of initiatives launched under the framework.

Director Development Programme

Dubai Holding partnered with the Hawkamah Institute of Corporate Governance to launch an exclusive programme for women employees as part of the GEI Framework’s Accelerate Programme. The programme offers female employees the opportunity to gain knowledge and exposure necessary to take up senior-management or board level roles. Launched in the summer of 2022, the programme provides participants with a solid understanding of concepts including corporate governance, risk management, financial stewardship, accountability and planning, and board practices and procedures.

Dubai Holding Women’s Network

In 2023, Dubai Holding launched its Group’s first Employee Resource Group (ERG),the Dubai Holding Women’s Network. The Women’s Network provides a support system for members while promoting professional development, career advancement, and community engagement, all aligning with the Group’s broader Gender Equity and Inclusion Framework. The Network has grown to over 500 participants, and represents a strategic effort to enhance employee engagement, retention, and overall business performance.

She is campaign

The ‘She is’ campaign served as a showcase of our diverse and talented female leaders who work in different sectors and roles across the Group. This campaign’s objective is to challenge and overcome the ‘unconscious bias’ that some may have about certain professions or occupations based on gender stereotypes. By celebrating our female leaders, we affirm our commitment to gender equality and inclusion, which are vital for our organisation and society.

Certified Autism Destination

MOTIONGATETM Dubai and The Green Planet have achieved a remarkable milestone in Dubai’s ongoing journey towards becoming an accessible and inclusive destination by achieving Certified Autism Destination™ (CAD) as awarded by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). This accreditation signifies Dubai Holding Entertainment’s commitment to an inclusive environment and entertaining experiences for all.

Dubai Holding’s Worker Welfare Standards

Dubai Holding hasa diverse and talented workforce of over 20,000, and we recognize that their safety, health and welfare are essential for our business excellence and success. We adhere to the highest occupational health and safety standards through our group wide HSE management system. We have also developed a Worker Welfare Standard that is applicable to all our employees and contractors. We believe that compliance with these Standards will not only result in improved health and wellbeing of workers but will also contribute to overall enhancement of performance and efficiency, ultimately benefiting all our stakeholders.

The cases studies from across the Group provide some examples to bring this commitment to life.

Life Goals

Launched during the Holy Month of Ramadan 2023 with programmes rolling out throughout the year, Life Goals focuses on enhancing the financial resilience of blue-collar workers and recognising their significant contribution to the Dubai ecosystem.

As part of a strategic partnership between Dubai Holding and Visa, free and comprehensive financial literacy courses are provided with the support of volunteering employees from both organisations to over 9,000 blue-collar workers within the Group with the aim of enhancing their financial inclusion. The topics covered in the courses include budgeting, spending, saving, cards and fraud.

Spirit of Jumeirah

The Spirit of Jumeirah is how Jumeirah Group describes its culture, focusing on four key values: Generosity, Diversity, Flair and Uncompromising Spirit.  The engagement programme that connects the values within the workplace compromises a number of different initiatives to acknowledge, recognise and reward colleagues including a dedicated awards programme, learning & development initiatives and the annual Spirit Week - a globally unifying appreciation event for all colleagues, designed to share and celebrate the values through a series of activations, workshops and surprises that embody the Spirit of Jumeirah.

Jumeirah Oasis Village

White Dubai being home to a large proportion of Jumeirah Group’s total colleague population, the Group has heavily invested in the colleague accommodation at Oasis Village to provide a supportive and welcoming community.  At Oasis Village in Dubai, which houses 30% of global workforce, Jumeirah has upgraded the facilities and provided two new swimming pools, a club lounge with games rooms, sports courts, an improved gymnasium as well as a brand new restaurant. The community also opened free medical and dental facilities and launched a wellness programmes for colleagues.

SparkLab: Empowering Innovation

Dubai Holding Real Estate has launched the second edition of SparkLab, an initiative that encourages its employees to unleash their creative potential, share their innovative ideas and transform their ideas into reality. By participating in SparkLab, employees can enhance their personal and professional skills, and contribute to the company's strategic goals and vision. SparkLab is more than just a challenge, it is a journey of transformation and discovery that inspires everyone at Dubai Holding Real Estate.

Responsible Supply Chain

At Dubai Holding, we believe that a responsible supply chain is essential for creating long-term value and positive impact for our stakeholders. We are committed to working with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability and adhere to the highest standards of environmental, social and ethical performance. To this end, we have developed a Supplier Code of Conduct that we expect our suppliers to abide by. We also opt promote diversity and inclusion in our supply chain by opting for female-owned businesses and local SMEs whenever possible. Through this approach, we aim to enhance the resilience and innovation of our supply chain, and contribute to the sustainable development of Dubai.

EcoVadis Supplier Assessments

EcoVadis is a global leader in sustainability ratings that helps businesses measure and improve their environmental, social and ethical performance across the supply chain. By using Ecovadis supplier assessments, Dubai Holding has gained insights into our suppliers' practices, identify risks and opportunities, and benchmark against industry standards.