At Dubai Holding, sustainability is a fundamental principle that informs our strategic direction and operational excellence.

We are committed to delivering sustainable value for our stakeholders, while enhancing our social and environmental performance. Our business is guided by sustainability principles that shape our strategic direction and operational excellence.

Our Sustainability Commitment

We value our diverse and inclusive workforce, and we uphold high standards of ethics and safety in everything we do. We collaborate with our suppliers to enhance their sustainability performance, and we create resilient infrastructure that reduces our environmental impact. We also use our natural resources and energy efficiently to cut down our carbon emissions and support a greener future for all.

Dubai Holding’s Sustainability Strategy

At Dubai Holding, we are committed to creating a sustainable future and a positive impact for all our stakeholders and across our diverse portfolio of companies operating in 13 different sectors. In 2022, we launched our first Group-wide Sustainability Strategy, which places sustainability at the heart of our business operations. The Strategy is based on a comprehensive materiality assessment and follows global best practices, and it supports Dubai and the UAE in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through our Strategy, we aim to create value for all our stakeholders and communities, while effectively managing our environmental and social impacts.


Dubai Holding is proud to be a Principal Pathway Sponsor of COP28, the UN Climate Change Conference in the UAE. This event will showcase the UAE's leadership and innovation in tackling the global climate crisis and make this a COP of action. Dubai Holding has a vision of creating a sustainable future for its business and the country, aligned with the UAE government's ambitious goals. By sponsoring COP28, Dubai Holding demonstrates its commitment to being a force for good and a catalyst for change, For The Good of Tomorrow.


Dubai Holding believes in the power of partnership and works with a range of partners to ensure our goals achieve the largest impact possible. Some of our strategic partners include UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, WWF UAE Alliance for Climate Action, UAE Gender Balance Council, EcoVadis, Sphera, Visa, National Food Loss and Waste Initiative and many others.

Internal Governance and Reporting

Dubai Holding has integrated sustainability into our Governance Framework, aligning operations with our core sustainability goals. We present our major environmental and social initiatives during quarterly reviews at the CEOs Sustainability Forum. Our reports adhere to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, and to optimize our reporting process, we've adopted the Sphera Corporate Sustainability cloud-based solution across the group.