Dubai Holding Launches Groupwide Gender Equity Strategy and Framework

Dubai Holding Launches Groupwide Gender Equity Strategy and Framework

  • A blind recruitment process, non-discriminative promotions policies, enhanced maternity leaves and additional training opportunities for female employees announced
  • A newly established Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council will oversee the strategy’s implementation
  • Dubai Holding’s first-of-its-kind virtual event as part of the REACH Programme is scheduled for 8 March on International Women’s Day 2022 to shed light on leading talent from the Group and their expertise across Dubai‘s diverse sectors.

Dubai Holding, a diversified global investment company with a presence in over 13 countries, announced today the launch of its Groupwide Gender Equity Strategy and Framework, including the implementation of a blind recruitment process, non-discriminative promotions and policies, enhanced maternity leaves and a framework ensuring more access to training and development opportunities for its female employees.

As one of the first organisations to sign the Pledge to Accelerate Gender Balance in the UAE’s Private Sector (Pledge SDG5) in January 2022, Dubai Holding will adopt a gender-lens approach through inclusive strategies and policies that support a gender-balanced workplace and community. The Group also established a 15-member Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council that will oversee the new strategy’s implementation, measurement and reporting progress within the business.

Amit Kaushal, Group Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Holding, said: “In our long-standing commitment to nurturing a gender-balanced and inclusive work environment, I am proud to announce the launch of Dubai Holding’s Groupwide Gender Equity and Inclusion Framework. This strategy is not only based on regional and global research findings but is also informed by our own employees’ feedback and is a culmination of years of efforts to establish best practices in this area. As a responsible business that operates For the Good of Tomorrow, we strive to ensure that our environment is one that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.”

He added: “Through our Gender Equity and Inclusion Framework, I am confident that we will be empowering women to realise their full potential, in turn contributing to the UAE’s gender balance agenda and becoming a leading example for how organisations can be agents of change to support gender equality in the UAE and beyond.”

The Dubai Holding Gender Equity Strategy and Framework is structured within three core programme pillars: ACCELERATE Programme, IMPACT Programme and REACH Programme.

Focusing on attracting, retaining and developing top talent, the ACCELERATE Programme provides development opportunities to propel the careers of high-performing female talent. Initiatives such as the Dubai Holding Coaching Programme, which was launched in 2021, will continue, and new initiatives will follow.

The IMPACT Programme focuses on implementing inclusive policies, systems and processes for optimal employee and business performance. The Group has updated and introduced new and significant human capital policies in accordance with the UAE gender-related laws and regulations, ranging from adopting a blind recruitment process to facilitating the return of female employees on maternity leave, which have been implemented since January 2022.

The new maternity leave policy states that upon the completion of the 90 calendar days of maternity leave, female employee will have the option to work 100% remotely for one month. Female employees on maternity leave will also have access to additional training and development opportunities to facilitate their return to work.

The third pillar of the strategy, the REACH Programme, will promote gender-conscious stakeholder engagement, partnerships, products, and services. This will continue to be implemented through a series of campaigns and events.

One of Dubai Holding’s first initiatives in 2022 is a first-of-its kind flagship virtual event to mark International Women’s Day 2022 titled Women of Tomorrow. The event on 8 March 2022 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM will provide attendees the opportunity to hear from and engage with leading women and men from across Dubai Holding’s diverse companies and sectors. Dubai Holding stakeholders and employees, women-owned businesses, graduates and students, as well as the wider community will gain insights into the different key business sectors that the Group operates across and understand the reasons behind the success of one of the UAE’s largest diversified investment conglomerates.

Register for Dubai Holding’s Women of Tomorrow event here.