Dubai Holding promotes sports at soccer camp in Fujairah

Dubai Holding promotes sports at soccer camp in Fujairah

DUBAI, 24 June 2008: Dubai Holding has organised a two-day soccer camp, from June 24 to June 25, for UAE National children, aged 5-16 years, at the Fujairah Al Ahli Stadium, in Fujairah.

The camp is part of Dubai Holding's campaign to promote sports among young UAE nationals and is in line with the conglomerate's vision embodied in its 'For The Good of Tomorrow' slogan. It is also a response to a call from young people in Fujairah for opportunities to practice their sports skills at dedicated sports stadium.

In addition to honing their soccer skills at the camp, the children will have the opportunity to meet soccer stars from the UAE national soccer team, which is sponsored and supported by Dubai Holding.

Khalid Al Shafar, Marketing Director, Dubai Holding said: "We believe participation in sport is critical in ensuring that young people live healthy lives. Through camps, such as the one in Fujairah, we aim to build a brighter future for young people by enhancing the quality of their sporting opportunities.

"There are very few sports grounds where young people can play soccer in the summer. As a result children play on rough, residential pitches, running the risk of being badly hurt or injured. The soccer camp is a response to this situation. It will provide a safe environment in which they can enjoy their sport without fear of injury.

"Dubai Holding is committed to supporting the development of sports, in particular soccer, in the UAE. We follow the news closely and felt we should lead the response to the criticism in the media from the young people of Fujairah about the lack of suitable sports facilities in the emirate."

Al Shafar added the visits by members of the UAE National soccer team to the camp highlight the importance Dubai Holding places on building strong relations between the team and young people in the country.

During the soccer camp the UAE national team stars will take part in training sessions with the children. They will also talk to the youngsters about their experiences and how they have been able to achieve their goals with the support of their families and the country's leadership.