Dubai Holding organizes 'Tomorrow's Coaches' seminar on football in partnership with the UAE FA

Dubai Holding organizes 'Tomorrow's Coaches' seminar on football in partnership with the UAE FA

DUBAI, 26 November 2007: Dubai Holding, the official sponsor of the UAE national Football Team, today will hold 'Tomorrow's Coaches', the first international seminar for football trainers in the UAE in partnership with the UAE FA.

The one-day seminar will be held at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. Sharing best practices in football coaching will be an international guest speaker from France Guy Lacombe, Former Manager, Paris-Saint-Germain Football Club who was Zinedine Zidane trainer, and Bernhard Schumm, Coaching Director and Coaches Development, the UAE Football Association (UAE FA).

Khalid Al Shafar, Marketing Manager, Dubai Holding, said: "As the team's official sponsor, Dubai Holding seeks to develop a more proactive partnership with the national team, the UAE FA and the UAE football community. The seminar will encourage and support the coaches of this popular sport while seeking to elevate standards of the UAE game. "

Guy Lacombe will address a session on 'The link between youth football and professional football', while Bernhard Schumm will analyse 'The characteristics and importance of grassroots football.' The two sessions will be followed by an interactive roundtable discussion in the post lunch segment.

Guy Lacombe said: "The UAE national team has exhibited tremendous determination and is quickly establishing itself as a credible entity. The objective of the seminar is to address the challenges that confront the UAE national team and help them achieve their objectives on the regional and international level."

Bernhard Schumm said: "The seminar is part of Dubai Holding and UAE FA's commitment to bring European know-how in coaching for the benefit of UAE trainers. We will continue to work closely together on such initiatives that will positively impact not only the national team, but the entire football community as well."

Earlier this year, Dubai Holding launched the 'Go Whites' initiative in the run up to the 18th Gulf Cup soccer championship, the region's premier soccer tournament that was held in Abu Dhabi from 17-30 January.