Dubai Holding finalizes management structure of Tatweer

Dubai Holding finalizes management structure of Tatweer

DUBAI, 14 February 2006: Specialist management firm, Tatweer, established recently to drive the development of a dynamic portfolio of Dubai Holding companies, announced its new corporate structure and key national appointments among its top management.

Tatweer is tasked with managing the back-office operations of some of Dubai Holding's world-class interests such as Dubai Healthcare City, Dubailand, Global Village, Dubai Industrial City, Dubai Energy, Moutamarat, and Dubai Mercantile Exchange.

Saeed Al Muntafiq said: "We have created a highly qualified team whose members have realized outstanding success throughout their professional careers. They are experts in the preparation of administrative plans and supervising the support operations at their companies."

Expert team
Al Muntafiq stated that he will be ably assisted by a high-profile team of experts who shall form the Management Board of Tatweer.

To highlight Tatweer's commitment to Emiratisation, the CEO announced key appointments in the senior management structure, which include highly-qualified nationals like Khaled Al Malik, Ahmad Sharaf, Mustafa Al Hindi, Sami Al Hashimi and Noora Al Abbar.

"These are the best of the best. With the able support of my management team and the people who make up the staff of Tatweer, I am confident of surpassing the expectations that have been placed upon us," said Al Muntafiq.

"We all are totally assured that we shall be able to contribute positively to the growth and development of Dubai Holding and to the emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates," Al Muntafiq said.

Al Muntafiq added, "All members of Tatweer's new management team have vowed to work continuously and actively to contribute to the development of Dubai Holding's operations, in turn supporting Dubai, the Emirates and the region's growth and development."

New divisions
Tatweer's organizational structure comprises new divisions, under which subsidiary companies are divided into three groups, each of which includes a number of companies.

Khaled Al Malik has been appointed the Senior Vice-President in the Industrial & Knowledge sectors to handle the administrative affairs of Dubai Industrial City and Moutamarat.

Ahmad Sharaf has been appointed as Tatweer's Senior Vice-President in the Energy & Healthcare sectors, handling the affairs of Dubai Energy, Dubai Mercantile Exchange and Dubai Healthcare City. As for the Tourism & Entertainment sector, it includes Dubailand and Global Village.

Parallel to this, Sami Al Hashimi has been appointed as Senior Vice-President to manage the real estate operations of Tatweer. He will handle all new projects which include design, infrastructure and planning, alongside to executing the basic elements of Tatweer's growth and ensuring commitment to global Health & Environmental standards.

Mustafa Al Hindi has been appointed as the Manager of Human Resources, as he will support the Emiratization strategy by hiring committed national human resources, who have the capabilities to develop and achieve. He will implement specialized training courses in cooperation with local and international institutions, with the aim of qualifying and equipping the employees with the required skills and knowledge to develop their managerial capabilities and raise their performance.

Tatweer's management team will also include Noora Al Abbar, as the Manager of Marketing and Advertising. She will maintain the image of the company at the international perspective, and handle all the Advertising & Marketing activities and events, guaranteeing the best regional and international results, for Tatweer and its subsidiaries.

"We need to ensure that we provide the best administrative support to the companies we are responsible for. We can best do so by having dedicated divisions catering to finance, human resources, information technology, corporate planning and business development and assuring quality at each and every level of operation," said the Tatweer CEO.

Al Muntafiq added, "We have taken into consideration while selecting the staff of Tatweer, the policy of encouraging young nationals, as a reflection of the strategic vision of Dubai Holding, and its role in providing job opportunities for the country's younger generation to participate in the growth and economic development process."