Dubai Holding hosts media gathering for regional and local media

Dubai Holding hosts media gathering for regional and local media

DUBAI, 23 October 2005: Dubai Holding hosted yesterday a media gathering for journalists from regional newspapers and leading media professionals from the UAE including journalists working in different streams of media including print, broadcast and agencies. Executive Chairman of Dubai Holding, Mohammed Al Gergawi attended the evening along with a number of CEOs and officials from Dubai Holding.

Mohammed Al Gergawi said, "Media is assuming strategic importance because of the political, economic and social developments that the region and the world has witnessed over the last few years. This has put the media on the list of priorities of the regional countries as it plays a vital role in accelerating the developmental process and in removing any obstacles that might hinder this process."

"We at Dubai Holding believe in catalyzing the cooperation between the regional countries, so we are always keen to strengthening our relationship with the regional media fraternity. This gathering also aims inform our brothers around the region of our projects and initiatives and about the development and growth that the UAE is witnessing." Al Gergawi added.

Dubai Holding was launched in October 2004 to consolidate the various large scale infrastructure and investment projects in Dubai that were created over the past five years as well as research, identify and execute future major projects that will benefit the emirate and the region.

The company has been created with the goal of providing a better future for all - across the range of life-improving industries it is involved in. Each of the Dubai Holding operating companies focuses on key areas which will dynamically support the development of Dubai as a world leading hub for commerce, leisure and finance, in turn driving these companies to become leaders in their respective fields in the Middle East and beyond.

Dubai Holding currently has 20 companies operating in a variety of sectors ranging from health, technology, finance, real estate, research, education, humanitarianism, tourism, energy, communication, industry, biotechnology and hospitality.