Dubai Holding CEO, Mohammed Al Gergawi inaugurates the Dubai Property Investment Show

Dubai Holding CEO, Mohammed Al Gergawi inaugurates the Dubai Property Investment Show

DUBAI, 1 February 2005: This morning, Mohammed Al Gergawi, Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Holding officially inaugurated the Dubai Property Investment Show at the Dubai World Trade Centre complex.

After opening the exhibition, Al Gergawi, accompanied by senior officials from the government and the organisers Domus Group, toured the show and spoke to a majority of the participants and enquired about their projects.

Later speaking to the press, he pointed to the importance of the real estate sector in the growth of the economies throughout the Gulf.

"The vision of His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is propelling us into the international arena. Major new projects are being announced and many more are to come. The real estate sector is growing in the UAE and the region," Al Gergawi stated.

"There is tremendous opportunity in the whole region. Multinational companies are also trying to share in the growth and are here to showcase their projects. Real estate is one of the biggest sectors in Dubai and the GCC," stated the Dubai Holding CEO.

Real estate hub
He pointed out that Dubai, like in other sectors, has become a hub in real estate development too. "Definitely, this is rapidly growing sector," Al Gergawi said.

Referring to the Dubai Property Investment Show, he pointed out that it is a "good show that represents not only Dubai, but also the region as well as properties from various parts of the world.

"There are participants from 25 countries representing the whole chain from interior décor to finance. Shows like these add value to not only the UAE, but to the whole region," said Al Gergawi.

The Dubai property Investment Show is part of the International Property Week and runs until 3rd February.

Several high profile international projects are at the show, from exclusive beachfront developments on Sentosa Island in Singapore to golf resorts in Spain to lake communities in New Zealand. Projects from the Gulf and the UAE are one of the biggest attractions such as Dubai Properties' Business Bay and Jumeirah Beach Residence. Dubai Properties is a Gold Sponsor of the show.