Discover the advantages of the Dubai Holding Graduate Trainee Programme.

Our Graduate Trainee Programme

Empowering and enabling our youth is very important to us. We are committed to providing our programme trainees a robust work experience that fosters growth and an opportunity for career advancement.

We pride ourselves with a structured and very hands-on approach coupled with ongoing feedback and support throughout the programme tenure.

The 18-month programme is tailormade to fit young graduate talents from various disciplines and from across the globe who choose to call Dubai home.

We welcome our graduate trainees to start a journey towards a thriving career with us at Dubai Holding “For the Good of Tomorrow”.

A Success Story!

Amit Kaushal, Dubai Holding Group Chief Executive Officer

The skills and experiences talented young graduates acquire through our Graduate Trainee Programme empower them to advance their careers on a strong footing and achieve their full potential. They benefit from a host of opportunities to tackle important challenges and be part of some of the most interesting, groundbreaking projects the region has to offer. We are proud to facilitate a leading programme that helps build the next generation of leaders; and make a positive, lasting change For the Good of Tomorrow.

Graduate Trainee Programme Phases

The Dubai Holding Graduate Trainee Programme is unique as it offers graduate trainees a valuable window of opportunity to put their education to practice. The 18-month Programme is divided into three key phases.

  • The first phase lasts for six months and encapsulates critical opportunities for development including:
    • A thorough introduction to the Group, the various companies of Dubai Holding and the respective sectors in which they operate
    • Corporate and departmental rotation
    • Capability development
  • In the second phase of the Programme, graduate trainees can expect another six months of intense learning with a hands-on approach including:
    • Application of the developed capabilities
    • Business critical learning opportunities
    • Internal and external departmental rotation
  • The last six months of the Programme encompass a strong focus on both hard and soft skills including:
    • Responsibility and accountability
    • Developing competencies for a future role
    • Enhancing leadership capabilities and skill sets