The Dubai Holding Leaders of Tomorrow Graduate Programme is a 12-month rotational programme offering graduates exposure to our diverse portfolio of businesses across 10 key sectors, including Real Estate, Hospitality, Leisure & Entertainment, Media, ICT, Design, Education, Retail, Manufacturing & Logistics and Science.

  • 2 Rotational Tracks
  • 12 Months
  • 8 Learning Modules

Our graduates gain thorough on-the-job experience, formal training, mentorship as well as access to senior leaders across the organisation.

The Opportunity

We are committed to providing our employees with unparalleled opportunities for growth and development through a formal learning journey and exposure to well-experienced mentors within the organisation.

Upon completion of the programme, an assessment is conducted to evaluate performance and competence to confirm a placement within the organisation.

Our graduates will have the opportunity to secure a permanent role within one of the businesses of Dubai Holding and continue their professional development and career growth with us.

Become part of a dynamic and diverse team committed to creating long-term sustainable value For the Good of Tomorrow. 

What does the programme offer?

Presenting an unparalleled opportunity for exceptional graduates with a strong drive for professional and personal growth, our Leaders of Tomorrow Graduate Programme serves as a launch pad for a successful and fulfilling career at Dubai Holding.

  • Real-time working experience
    Our comprehensive programme offers graduates the chance to acquire working experience by undertaking challenging roles for real-time programmes and projects that align with their educational background and career aspirations. To this end, we provide graduates with two job rotations across Dubai Holding entities, thereby enriching skillsets and professional competence. 
  • World-class immersive learning
    Our world-class immersive learning journey is another cornerstone of our programme. We empower graduates to continuously develop skills and knowledge through a structured learning journey, which includes a comprehensive onboarding programme designed to help graduates understand their role within Dubai Holding and the value they bring to the business. Additionally, our formal learning journey comprises of training modules that focus on critical skills and capabilities necessary for success at Dubai Holding.
  • Personal development and mentorship
    Personal development and mentorship are crucial aspects of our programme. The graduates are provided with mentorship and tailored development plans, enabling them to succeed in their respective careers. Furthermore, our monthly leadership connect sessions and capability sessions with subject matter experts provide graduates with additional networking opportunities, enhancing their knowledge and skills.
  • Performance management
    We understand that continuous performance management is integral to success, and as such, we prioritise regular performance checks that culminate in a formal end-of-programme assessment. This assessment enables us to deploy graduates into the most appropriate roles and prepare them for their next career steps.
  • Networking opportunities
    Our programme provides numerous networking opportunities, allowing graduates to interact with and learn from the wider Dubai Holding community, supporting their career progression.

  • Opportunity to experience the culture and values of Dubai Holding
    We believe our culture and values are key to our success. As such, we offer programme participants a unique opportunity to experience and immerse themselves in the culture and values that drive our organisation. By experience the Dubai Holding culture firsthand, the graduates will be better equipped to contribute to the Group’s success and growth while also building their professional network and ongoing development.

Rotation Overview

Our rotation approach is a core component of the Dubai Holding Leaders of Tomorrow Graduate Programme. It is designed to give you exposure to a range industries and teams, helping you develop a broad skill set and deep understanding of our business. Throughout the programme, you will be guided by experienced mentors and leaders who will help you navigate your rotations. Regular appraisals will ensure that you are on track and progressing towards your goals. Whether you are on the commercial or technical track, the rotation programme will help you build a solid foundation for a successful career within Dubai Holding. 

  • Technology Development track
    Our Technical Development track offers exceptional opportunities to develop versatile technologists and technology leaders. It consists of two technical-focused rotations, which provide cross-functional experience in various technical operations. This track is designed to enhance your business acumen and leadership skills, while also offering the chance to use and develop state-of-the-art technology. Successful applicants will need to come from a STEM background in university. As a member of our world-class technical team, you will work on some of the most exciting projects, gaining unrivalled hands-on experience. Collaborating with industry experts from across Dubai Holding provides an exceptional learning experience that will help build your expertise and contribute to the growth of the organisation.
    • Apply and join the team: Senior Executive – Technical (Please click here to access the job post)
  • Commercial Development Track
    The Commercial Development track is a comprehensive and strategic path designed to equip graduates with the skills and expertise necessary to succeed as versatile leaders in today’s competitive business landscape. This track offers a unique opportunity to gain cross-functional experience through two rotations, each of which is carefully crafted to provide exposure to commercially focused disciplines including HR, Finance and Investments. By participating in this track, graduates build essential business acumen and deep expertise, which are critical for success in today’s rapidly evolving business world. Our commercial business areas are home to some of the brightest minds in the industry, and as a graduate, you will work alongside these individuals to drive our growth and performance. 
    • Apply and join the team: Senior Executive – Commercial (Please click here to access the job post)

Amit Kaushal, Dubai Holding Group Chief Executive Officer

The skills and experiences talented young graduates acquire through our Graduate Programme empower them to advance their careers on a strong footing and achieve their full potential. They benefit from a host of opportunities to tackle important challenges and be part of some of the most interesting, ground-breaking projects the region has to offer. We are proud to facilitate a leading programme that helps build the next generation of leaders.

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