Dubai Holding realigning its organisational structure

Dubai Holding realigning its organisational structure

DUBAI, 16 August 2009: Dubai Holding announced today that it is realigning its organisational structure to streamline its operations and ensure the continued delivery of world-class projects and future growth of the organisation.

Building on its strengths and core competencies in four major operational specialisations, Dubai Holding is reorganizing its businesses into Property, Business Parks, Hospitality and Investments verticals. The realignment will deliver significant efficiencies as the group prepares for the economic upturn.

Ahmad Bin Byat, CEO, Dubai Holding said: "The realities of the global economic climate have made it necessary for us to look at our portfolio in a different way. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace, and be sure that we are poised for success once the markets open up, we've undertaken a number of changes that will reinforce and strengthen our business."

"Bringing together the companies in our portfolio into these four verticals has allowed us to build on our existing strengths by aligning complementary businesses. By building on the synergies within our portfolio our businesses are able to take advantage of the diverse expertise within Dubai Holding like never before.

"We have a strong and diversified asset base which includes our employees, our projects and our international partners. Restructuring our portfolio in this manner is going to positively affect our business operations and enhance our customer service. In this changing environment we have adapted and therefore our portfolio stands strong and is ready to take advantage of new opportunities," Bin Byat added.