Dubai Holding team travels to UK in pursuit of excellence

Dubai Holding team travels to UK in pursuit of excellence

DUBAI, 9 May 2006: Eight senior Dubai Holding managers have visited the UK to see first hand how three award winning British companies achieve excellence in performance.

Taking part in the benchmarking visit were representatives from Jumeirah, TECOM Investments, Sama Dubai, Dubai Properties and Dubai Holding.

Shawqi Sajwani, Organisational Excellence Director of Dubai Holding said the main focus of the visit was to learn from best practices related to leadership and policy strategy, in particular those aspects critically important to customer value and financial performance

"We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. Exposure to best practice applications and proven methods, that have assisted organizations in achieving management excellence, will have a positive impact on the competitive performance of our companies," Sajwani said.

"In addition to validating current approaches, already adopted in the pursuit of excellence, the visit will enable the participants to identify any gaps in performance and to develop beneficial improvement plans that can steer performance positively forward."

The visit was coordinated through the European Center for Total Quality Management (ECTQM) at Bradford University. The team was hosted by three UK companies, United Utilities, Bradford & Bingley and Marriott HollinsHall & Country Club. Both United Utilities and Bradford & Bingley are past winners of the British Quality Award.

"Excellence is about outstanding practice in managing an organization and achieving results," said Sajwani. "Truly excellent organizations are defined by what they achieve, how they achieve it, what they are likely to achieve and the confidence they have that the results will be sustained in the future.

"At Dubai Holding our slogan is 'For the Good of Tomorrow'. To live up to that promise we must constantly strive to satisfy our stakeholders and that requires total leadership commitment and acceptance of the fundamental concepts of excellence."