Dubai Holding organizes visit for UAE National Football Team to Al Shafie School

Dubai Holding organizes visit for UAE National Football Team to Al Shafie School

DUBAI, 30 April 2006: Dubai Holding organized a visit for the UAE National Football Team to Al Shafie School on Saturday, April 29th 2006. This visit is part of Dubai Holding's campaign to promote sports among students and is also in line with Dubai Holding's vision embodied in its slogan "For the Good of Tomorrow".

Al Shafie School's management and teachers welcomed Faisal Khalil, Salem Saad, and Nawaf Moubarak from the UAE National Football team, along with a number of Dubai Holding representatives.

Abeer Al-Mutawa, Marketing Director of Dubai Holding said:
"We believe in the importance of sports so we are keen to support many national teams including the football team. We have organized these visits in order to build strong ties between the team members and various segments of the society and also to build strong public support."

This is the second visit organized by Dubai Holding of UAE National Football Team members to the schools; following last year's visit to Al Ahmadiya Public School for boys.

"Organizing such events reflects Dubai Holding's commitment towards building relationships with the youth and is another step towards the 'better tomorrow' we have promised to bring to our people", Al-Mutawa said.

"Sport is very important, not only as means to build bodies and minds, but also as a common factor that attracts all strands of society. This is especially true of football, which is the world's most popular sport."

Khamis Salem, Principal of Al Shafie School said: "We are pleased to participate with Dubai Holding in its effort to promote better community relations. We are proud to be chosen for this visit which we consider a great opportunity for the students to learn more about the UAE National Football team, its members and the importance of sports in our lives."

During the visit, team members talked about their experiences and how they were able to achieve their goals with the support of their families, society and the country's authorities. Team members signed Dubai Holding distributed T-shirts, which the students wore. A short football match was organized, where one national player played on each side, in coordination with the school.

The UAE National Football Team members highlighted the importance of building strong relations between the team and various institutions in society.