Dubai Asset Management, a Dubai Holding company, is focused on long-term value creation through development, acquisition and management of a diverse portfolio of residential, corporate and community focused real estate.

Chief Executive Officer: Arif Mubarak Established: 2006

As owner and operator of the city’s largest portfolio of residential communities, Dubai Asset Management enriches the lives of over 170,000 people that choose to call Dubai home.

The Dubai Asset Management extensive rental home portfolio addresses every aspect of Dubai’s accommodation landscape allowing it to provide ideal housing solutions for individuals and families as well as corporate clients seeking cohesive living environments for their employees.  Its choice portfolio of corporate services assets includes premium business premises and land lease for community and social infrastructure projects such as schools and medical centres.

  • 170,000  RESIDENTS
  • 41,000  UNITS

Real Estate Management Expertise

The company leverages its expertise to provide end-to-end real estate management services including owner’s association management, community management, property management and leasing services to individuals and institutional landlords.

Delivering Preferred Lifestyles

Dubai Asset Management is an end-to-end residential partner delivering preferred lifestyles from waterfront living to affordable value housing.  Its guiding objective is to create trusted, long lasting relationships with its residents and corporate clients through the communities it owns and the third party communities it manages.

Enabling the best possible future for anyone who wants to call Dubai home by creating meaningful living experiences.

Dubai Asset Management Portfolio