Wellness is an increasingly important sector within the Emirate’s hospitality industry. Dubai Holding company, Jumeirah Group, has established its premium wellness brand, Talise, which features in the majority of its worldwide hotels and resorts.

The value of the global wellness industry has been estimated at US$3.4 trillion, with annual business generated by spas estimated at US$94 billion. Emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa have seen the fastest growth in terms of adding spas. The biggest industry sector is wellness tourism, or travel associated with maintaining or enhancing individuals’ personal wellbeing and health, accounting for US$494 billion.

The Talise Brand

Leveraging on this trend, Jumeriah Group has ensured that its Talise brand is included in as many of its new developments as possible, especially in key growth regions – the Middle East and Asia.

Talise operates in three distinct but interrelated fields – Talise Fitness, Talise Spa and Talise Nutrition. Together these represent a compelling, holistic and professionally managed approach to individual wellness. Its luxury spas and health clubs are peppered throughout Jumeirah’s properties globally, each offering an unrivalled standard of wellness experiences in line with the Jumeirah’s ‘Stay Different’ brand promise.

Talise’s success is reflected in the number of national and international awards won by its hotel-based operations, by the brand internationally, and by individual wellness experts who work for the company.

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