Jumeirah Central

The latest example of Dubai Holding’s visionary ambition, Jumeirah Central will be Dubai’s first mixed-use city centre set to shape the future for generations.

Location: Al Sufouh

Jumeirah Central district, being master developed by Dubai Holding, is envisioned as a landmark, game-changing project that will provide Dubai its first truly urban, mixed-use, transit orientated city-centre that will create opportunities for generations.

Located at the geographical core of Dubai, between Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Mall of the Emirates, it will be a vibrant district, pulsing as the new heart of tomorrow’s Dubai.

Envisioned as a world capital for global citizens, the district will create best-in-class, high value real estate for all stakeholders. With its permeable, intuitive urban planning it will deliver an all-season lifestyle, an animated and human-scale public realm, multi modal transport and urban mixed-use density.

The mixed-use development is being planned to reflect the principles of the most vibrant urban environments around the globe. It will comprise 4.1 million m2 of cutting-edge office, retail, hospitality, and residential space networked with over 8 km of climate-controlled pedestrian streets, entertainment and leisure attractions.

Its strategic planning is grounded in flexibility, designed to develop according to market demands over the coming decades and evolve organically with future generations. Conceived and created in human scale, Jumeirah Central will be filled with diverse shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural experiences to enrich the lives of all those who live, work and thrive there. It will be a district that inspires its people and is continuously inspired by them.


Functional accessibility through integration of convenient transportation is the key priority of Dubai Holding in planning Jumeirah Central. A thoughtfully planned network of roads, metro stops, tramways, bus lines, bicycle lanes, human-scale sidewalks and an awe-inspiring gondola system will interconnect the areas of the district as well as unite Jumeirah Central with the surrounding neighbourhoods of Dubai.


To the promise of being the region’s first all-season city centre district, Jumeirah Central has been envisioned and designed from the ground up, literally. From the infrastructure and urban layout to the tailoring of construction guidelines and building codes, every detail of the project is being planned to harmoniously adapt around the UAE climate. Shaded parks and arcades, as well as innovative temperature-controlled zones, will provide cooling comfort for residents and guests, encouraging community growth and neighbourly interaction.

Truly Mixed-Use 

Dedicated to helping Dubai become the ultimate global hub, Dubai Holding has planned Jumeirah Central as a truly mixed-use development. Six components will define the Jumeirah Central district: office, retail, hospitality, residential, entertainment and wellness. A home for more than 30,000 residents, a workplace for tens of thousands, a destination for countless visitors - each aspect of Jumeirah Central will, in its own right, help shape the future of Dubai. And together, as a dynamic and diverse district, they will define that future.

Connectivity will be at the core of the district’s design ideology. An all-season destination for residents and visitors alike, it will provide multiple convenient transportation choices, a vast network of walkable arcades and an extensive streetscape unmatched in Dubai, making it a living and connected central hub of the city.