Paving the path for our employees’ career growth through programmes that nurture their skills and accelerate their progress

At Dubai Holding, we strive to help our high-performing employees take the next step in their journey of professional and personal development through an environment that is conducive to success and accomplishment.

By offering our employees an internal platform that enhances their skills and nurtures their talents, we enable them to fulfil their potential and contribute to the UAE Strategy for Talent Attraction and Retention, which aims to strengthen the UAE’s leading position as a preferred destination for living, working and investing.

Our Coaching Programme

The Dubai Holding Coaching Programme is a bespoke groupwide initiative that aims to provide high-performing and high-potential employees greater clarity on their unique career path, personal progression and development opportunities. Employees involved receive curated coaching, training and support to propel them in their careers.

The Programme also strives to develop and equip our leaders with core coaching skills and tools to support them in effectively growing in their role as leaders and in their ability to successfully nurture and guide our talented colleagues and enable a sustainable organisation.

The Dubai Holding Coaching Programme launched across the Group in 2022 with its first phase focusing on female employees in line with Dubai Holding’s Gender Equality Strategy, which aims to adopt a gender-lens approach to nurture talent through an inclusive culture and policies that support a gender-balanced workplace.