Fadel Al Ali

Chief Executive Officer
The impact of Dubai Holding’s robust track record of growth and innovation is far reaching, benefitting the diverse communities in which our businesses operate. Through our activities and efforts to enhance Dubai’s business environment and build a knowledge economy, we are helping bring the different cultures and people of Dubai closer together. As an organisation, we understand the pulse of this city and aim to continue delivering for a more inclusive and multicultural society.

Fadel Al Ali is an accomplished business figure recognised for his expertise in corporate governance and strategic commercial roles across a range of industries including real estate, hospitality, investment and banking.

Al Ali is Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Holding and has been with the Group since 2005, where he previously held the positions of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer.

Over the years, Al Ali has played a pivotal role in creating the new business model of Dubai Holding as a strategic investor. In his last role as Chief Operating Officer, Al Ali was responsible for overseeing Dubai Holding’s financial, legal and operational strategies. Al Ali led the successful financial restructuring of Dubai Holding’s investment firms. From having contributed to the development of internal functions since the early stages of Dubai Holding, he has led key development decisions for the business entities, and ensured high standard reporting.


Al Ali sits on a number of boards of leading institutions including the Board of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) and Dubai Financial Services Authority. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Dubai Properties Group, Dubai International Capital and Dubai Group.

Al Ali has a wealth of experience in the finance industry, having started his career at Citibank as a financial analyst moving through the ranks to head the UAE Consumer Credit in 2001. Three years later, Al Ali was appointed the UAE Head of Distribution, before he left for Dubai Holding.

Al Ali holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and System Engineering from University of Southern California.

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