Corporate Governance & Risk Management

Corporate Governance

At Dubai Holding, we recognise the significance of strong corporate governance especially in large diversified operations such as ours. We are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance practices and act with discipline, integrity and professionalism to ensure long-term success, and preservation of our shareholders’ interests and employees’ rights.

Dubai Holding follows a best in class corporate governance that has been developed following extensive benchmarking against international and local best practices within the local regulatory framework. This enables us to deploy value-creating management activities that help increase corporate and shareholder value.

Risk Management

The strategic position of Dubai Holding and its companies is steered from a risk perspective through the implementation of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework. This recognises that management is all about taking risks and that identifying and managing risks effectively facilitates good business decisions and drives sustainable growth and shareholder value.

ERM is a process used across Dubai Holding and its companies to help management identify, assess, mitigate and monitor risks that might affect the achievement of the strategic objectives.
Risks are managed within the context of a risk appetite statement established by senior management and the Audit and Risk Committee.

Accordingly, Dubai Holding will not tolerate:

  1. Absence or non-compliance of core components of the governance model
  2. Any significant potential business disruption or capability damage
  3. Any significant deviation from business plan

Our Risk Management team is supported by a network of risk managers and experts. It oversees the operation of the following components of the ERM across the group and reports on the major risks and the status of response strategies to senior management and the Audit and Risk Committee:

  • Risk Governance
  • Risk Management Methodology
  • Risk Integration