Investor FAQs

  • What is the difference between Dubai Holding and Dubai Holding Commercial Operations Group ("DHCOG")?

    Dubai Holding Commercial Operations Group (“DHCOG”) develops and manages Dubai Holding’s hospitality, business parks, real estate, telecommunications, family entertainment and new media businesses.

  • What are the companies that fall under Dubai Holding Commercial and Operations Group’s umbrella?

    Dubai Holding Commercial Operations Group (“DHCOG”) comprises of:

    • Jumeirah Group, an international luxury hospitality management group, overseeing a portfolio of five-star hotels, serviced apartments, retail, wellness and leisure facilities, hospitality academy and franchised restaurants.
    • TECOM Group, which develops and manages signature business communities, creates tax-advantaged environments for companies to locate and grow.
    • Dubai Properties Group, which develops and manages mixed-use real estate projects to achieve long-term value in the rapidly changing property market.
    • Emirates Integrated Telecommunications, which manages a portfolio of telecom assets regionally and globally.
    • Family Entertainment and New Media, which oversees projects that include Global Village, Arab Media Group (“AMG”), as well as implements a strategic plan to develop new family destinations.

    It will build new international production business communities specialised in new media, positioning Dubai as an international hub for digital production in all languages to all cultures.

  • Is DHCOG a public company?

    No. DHCOG’s is 100% privately owned by Dubai Holding. However, DHCOG has historically issued bonds that have been traded on NASDAQ Dubai. Currently DHCOG has only one GBP 500 million bond outstanding, which matures in February 2017.

  • When does DHCOG publish its annual financial statements?

    NASDAQ Dubai requires DHCOG to publish its annual financial statements within 120 days after the end of its financial year, which ends on 31st December every year. The audited annual financial statements are published on or before this date.

  • Is DHCOG rated?

    DHCOG is not required to have a Rating under its Bond Program. Historically DHCOG has voluntarily obtained ratings through Fitch Ratings and Moody's Investors Service. With only one bond currently outstanding and maturing in February 2017, DHCOG has not renewed its voluntary contracts with the two rating agencies.